Resources beyond the Science Network


The Science Network is all about supporting you as a student seeking to live and speak for Jesus in your academic discipline. Working alongside us in this mission are some great organisations that have loads of resources and opportunities for you to make the most of. If you’re looking for resources on a particular topic, their websites are great places to look. These will be especially valuable once you’ve graduated and are no longer part of a university CU, so it’s worth taking a look now and getting connected!

Christians in Science is a professional network of Christians including students, graduates and those working in science-based careers. One of their missions (working alongside UCCF) is to help Christian science students and graduates to integrate their religious beliefs with their studies and to support them as they graduate and progress in their careers.

What they have available for students, graduates and early career scientists:
•    FREE student membership for the first year
•    Reduced membership price after first year student membership and for first two years after graduating
•    A Student and Graduate Conference in the spring
•    Mentoring scheme pairing students with working scientists who are practicing Christians
•    Monthly updates from CiS
•    Quarterly issues of the CiS Newsletter
•    Access to Science and Christian Belief Journal
•    Lots of resources including leaflets and videos on our YouTube Channel
If you are interested in finding out more or would like to sign up for your first year of FREE membership, please contact Steph Bevan on or visit the Christians in Science website,


The Faraday Institute are a Cambridge-based interdisciplinary research institute with a Christian ethos. We work to shed new light on life’s big questions through academic research; to provide resources for those with interests in science and faith through communication, education and training; and to reach out to schools, colleges, the scientific community, religious organisations and the general public.

Students will especially appreciate:
-    Our short courses – a few days of intensive teaching – with reduced fees for students
-    Science and Eternity – a series of high quality short videos with discussion resources
-    Hundreds of talks available to stream or download (video or just audio)
-    Resources for churches – top 10 questions, hot topics, small group material, book list, reviews, and more
-    A series of brief papers on the main science and faith topics
-    Discounted books in our online shop

For more information, sign up to our monthly email news, or contact us.