Political Podcasts

New podcasts are being launched every week, but are there any which might inform us on the topic of Politics and Faith?

The Holy Political Podcast

Hosted by James & Jonny The Holy Political Podcast has an array of an interesting guests and commentators who speak on the topic of Christianity and politics. They describe themselves as 'A semi-serious, semi-informed podcast about the good, bad and bizarre ways Christians mix their faith and politics, and political issues affecting Christians. Mainly accurate, somewhat entertaining, hopefully helpful.'

The Sacred Podcast

Hosted by Theos Thinktank's director Elizabeth Oldfield, The Sacred Podcast seeks to discuss and understand the'things society holds sacred.'Though not technically a political podast, it has had many interesting personailites from the political arena on the show. From Ian Dunt to David Goodhart to Tim Farron. It's interested in 'the state of our public conversations, the way we might do them better and the role the things that we hold sacred but don’t always know how to talk about might play.' 

The Briefing

Albert Mohler's 'The Briefing' is a daily podcast commentating on mainly American culture, politics and society from a Christian worldview. Though not directly relevant to british politics, Dr Mohler's cultural analysis can often be applied to similar issues and challenges faced in the UK.

If you listen to a podcast you think might be helpful - get in touch and we'll be sure to add it to the list!

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