Discussion questions: God in the Lab


Use these questions to host an hour-long book club with science students at your university to discuss the book God in the Lab by Ruth Bancewicz.

Everyone will need to have read the book first - it's a fairly quick read, and you can get hold of copies here.

Discuss all together (20 mins):

  • What did you like about the book?
  • Was there anything in the book that you would question or push back on?
  • Ruth chooses to focus on the 'human side of science' (p18). Why do you think the human side of science is often neglected in science and faith conversations?

If you're a large group, you might like to split into smaller groups or breakout rooms to discuss one of the following, before feeding back to the whole group. Let people choose which question they'd most like to discuss! (20 mins)

  1. How does being a scientist enhance your own relationship with God? How might we let our science and our devotional life influence one another more?
  2. What do scientists and a scientific way of thinking have to offer the church? How could we use our identity as science students/graduates to serve the church well now and in the future?
  3. How might thinking in the categories of creativity, imagination, beauty, wonder and awe help us in our evangelism to scientists? How might people of other faiths or none relate to those concepts? What might that look like in a CU context? In our personal evangelism?

End by praying together off the back of your conversation.

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