Big Story Little Film

Art Network presents Big Story Little Film; a conversation with Luke Walton and Peter Sinclair about the power of storytelling in film.

Followed by an excellent Q&A about living as a Christian in the film industry.

Video breakdown:

2:42 - Luke's talk: Big Story Little Film: The importance of stories and how they connect. Looking at adapting stories from existing text and Scriptures, developing and presenting stories in a visual medium.

23:20 - Q&A with Luke and Peter.

23:21 - How can the film student build their CV?

27:43 - Why are stories so powerful?

34:10 - As a Christian what are the challenges and opportunities in the film industry?

38:36 - How do I promote myself humbly and without sinning?

43:24 - What do you enjoy the most about The Pitch?


Both Luke and Pete work for the The Pitch;  The Pitch fund exists to give emerging filmmakers a chance. They currently offer £30,000 for the top entrant to shoot their short film, following everyone from Ridley Scott to Martin Scorsese in making a film inspired by the Bible. They are open to filmmakers of all and any background.

They have a variety of other grants available, plus excellent training and feedback opportunities through their unique process. The Pitch judges include the director of the National Film and Television School, while finalists have gone on to make internationally praised feature films, securing agents, managers and a roadmap for their career. Please visit their site to know more.