ANTs: Lizzie Kevan Curits

Arts Network Talks presents a conversation with the designer Lizzie Curtis.

Lizzie is a graphic designer and illustrator based in London. She has worked as a freelancer, senior designer at Spark Studios, and now working as a lecturer at the Shillington, a unique design education. See her artwork at;

Lizzie shares her artwork with us and answers some specific questions:

Timemap of the questions:

2:55 - What makes an interesting project?

4:10 - Do you see any openness in the design world to the issues of faith?

5:40 - Anything specific that challenges your faith?

7:33 - How did you grow in your knowledge of the interface between your faith and creativity in University?

9:16 - Who inspired and encouraged you?

10:16 - Thinking about your work in University, how was it developed?

12:02 - How did you find your ‘own voice’?

13:27 - How did you get involved in the Christian Union in University and what the most outrageous thing you did!?

14:28 - How did you make friends during your time in Uni?

17:02 - If you met yourself as a student what advice would you give them?

18:31 - How did you develop a career as a graduate?

20:02 - How did you deal with rejection or failure in your career or work?

21:46 - Work/life balance?

24:01 - What is success in your eyes?

28:13 - What advice would you give to a student who is going into the graphic design world?

Thanks to Lizzie for her generosity and her time in answering our questions. 

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