The Politics Network

UCCF Team 25 Aug 18

Welcome to the Politics Network! An exciting, new resource for students seeking to be leaders in the public square. Whether you seek to enter the Students' Union, local council, think tanks, Parliament, Whitehall we hope the Politics Network will be an informative tool for you to use.

The Politics Network seeks to serve students across the UK in three key areas;


Politics Network Hubs are student communities passionate about politics and faith that meet regularly in universities across the UK. These groups study together, encourage each other and put on events tackling politically relelvant topics from a Christian worldview. If there isn't a PN Hub at your university and you'd like to get one started, please get in touch at - we would love to help.


The Politics Network will be publishing articles and blogs regularly on it's website, covering challenging and interesting issues of politics and faith, book reviews, points of view on current affairs and interviews with personalities already living out their faith in the public square. If there is a question you would like to see answered, again, please do get in touch, this site is for you to be resourced and equipped. The Politics Network also run training tracks at UCCF's Forum Conference and the Word Alive conference to delve deeper into some of the challenges facing Christians in politics today and investigating the theological case for engaging with the public square.


The Politics Network seeks to host events throughout the year engaging with the big political questions of the day from a Christian worldview. We also plan to host conversations with people living out a political career as Christians, from politicians, to civil servants to policy wonks. We will be advertising our next event on the website so watch this space!

We hope you join us on this exciting new venture exploring the world of politics and faith in 21st century Britain.

Peter Harris is the Politics Network Staff Worker.

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