Trying to become Danish

Sarah Owens 09 Dec 19

Somehow, I’ve been here for well over one year now, so I’m starting to experience things a second time round. Seasons changing, Christmas lights going up, the church and academic calendars rolling over again, and it seems to be with a slightly different lens. I’m no longer a newbie in town, and have started to fit in with some of the Danish habits and traditions (ever heard of hygge?) I find it amazing how we can adapt to new circumstances, many of these things even subconsciously, but there’s still an element of alienation present, as I’ll never truly be a Dane!

I was helping prepare food at the church party last weekend. So many people were involved in working together to create a really special atmosphere, the buzz was incredible. An evening of worship and just being part of this huge gathering of people with a common purpose gave me a real sense of belonging that I haven’t felt anywhere else. I’m so grateful for the blessing that ÅVM church is in my life, the physical light they bring and the spiritual reminder of The Light who is the reason I have faith. I’ve struggled with feeling distant, less encouraged and lacking belonging (both as a foreigner and as a Christian) recently, so this was a real boost. In addition, it’s been a real blessing to meet up and pray with some of the Christians at Academy again, and although it isn’t regularly more than two of us, meeting regardless can provide gentle reminders of the work God has done and is doing in our lives.

November is a difficult month - summer is long gone, the light is reducing to a measly 6 hours a day at best, and even that is often limited by the thick overcast of clouds that covers Denmark at this time of year. So, it’s a relief to have reached December, with Christmas lights starting to brighten things up, not to mention the increased consumption of warm drinks and sugary treats!


Please praise God:

  • For the exciting musical opportunities I’ve been involved in and that are coming up.
  • For other international Christians who understand and relate to being a foreigner.
  • For deep friendships that continually point me back to Christ.

Please pray for me to have:

  • Continued joy in the Lord, letting his light shine through me.
  • Clarity about “belonging” somewhere: I seem to try to fit in more with the world in some way when I’m not a native...
  • Christ-centred conversations with people as we run into Christmas (there are SO many performances of Handel’s Messiah happening in Aarhus!)



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