The Beginner's Guide to the Music Network

Tom Chevis 10 Sep 20

The Beginner's Guide to the Music Network is an introductory programme offered this term (Autumn 2020) by the UCCF Music Network.

Meeting once a fortnight on Zoom for 60-75 mins in a discussion group format, this six-session scheme will introduce you to the biblical foundations for thinking about faith and music, before doing just that - thinking about the interface between faith and music.

  • Session 1 (w/c 21 Sep): Introduction
  • Session 2 (w/c 5 Oct): Discussion of Jeremy Begbie's 'Music in God's Purposes'
  • Session 3 (w/c 19 Oct): Discussion of 'The Tongue: A Musician's Most Powerful Instrument'
  • Session 4 (w/c 2 Nov): Bible study on Psalm 98
  • Session 5 (w/c 16 Nov): Online evangelistic classical-music-themed pub quiz
  • Session 6 (w/c 30 Nov): Discussion - how to make the most of Christmas carols evangelistically

The idea is that you commit to the whole programme, though obviously you are free to come only to those you wish to. Provisionally, the plan is to hold them at 5pm on Mondays, though please do register interest if that time doesn't work for you, as it's not yet totally set in stone.

To register interest / sign up:

  • check September's monthly Music Network members' email for a link to the Google Sheet, or

  • email Music Network Co-ordinator Tom Chevis at (and do say if in theory you'd like to but Mondays at 5pm isn't ideal).

Please note, attendance is limited to current students.

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