Springtime in Denmark

Sarah Owens 12 Apr 19

Springtime in Denmark: Language, New Life, New Faith

We’ve finally emerged from the Danish winter and looking forward to our Easter break next week!

Often, living in Denmark doesn’t feel like really living abroad because of the amazing ability almost everyone has to speak English. Although I really do value this, I also feel that while living in another culture it’s important to do your best to integrate and experience some of the way the people around you live! I’ve really enjoyed learning and practising Danish over the last few months, particularly since moving house to live beneath a Danish family. You have to be proactive to learn it, but for me it also highlights the significance of God’s being, as He is bigger than any earthly barriers, be it age, culture or linguistics, and how unity in Christ is so special.

After a period of irregularity, RAMA Jesus Lovers have resumed meeting regularly on a Thursday lunchtime. We’ve been praying for each other and the events/people we’re involved with here and it’s been so great to see God at work in different ways. Increased enthusiasm to meet together has been a real answer to prayer (requested in my December post) and we’re hopeful that God would use our willingness to continue to build His kingdom.I’d like to introduce you to Jens, our newest member, who became a Christian since starting his studies back in September.

Here’s what he has to say about his walk with God so far…

“As a classical singer, I grew up working in church choirs in Denmark but my family isn’t Christian. I wanted to know more about what being a Christian was about because I had been around it a lot, but I never knew where to start. When I started studying at the academy I met a Christian in my class and attended church with him – I found it really interesting and noticed more and more about why people do “Christian things” like praying and meeting together every Sunday, it isn’t because it’s a ritual they have to follow but because the Bible teaches such things. Starting to explore Jesus was exciting but meant learning a lot of new things. I was confused about a lot of things and I didn’t know where to turn but one service I was overwhelmed by God’s peace and the rest that he offers. I knew Jesus had more to offer me and made the decision to trust him. I’ve been encouraged by reading the Bible and learning more about who God is as well as meeting other Christians at church and at the academy.”

Thank you too for your prayers - I'd love prayers for the following:


  • For our meetings at RAMA, the encouragement they bring and God’s answers to prayer.
  • For language and the unity found in Christ because of diversity.


  • The lead up to Easter – that we would be talking openly about Jesus and inviting people to church events.
  • Continued improvement in the Danish language.
  • Focus on God - that he remains my source of joy and contentment throughout any trials.

It was also a joy to sing together in our last meeting and I just wanted to share the words of a lovely hymn that Elísa, from Iceland, taught us:

In the morning, when I rise,                                         When I am alone,                                          When I come to die,                  Give me Jesus                                                      Give me Jesus                                                Give me Jesus             You can have all this world                                   You can have all this world                              You can have all this world         Just give me Jesus                                               Just give me Jesus                                         Just give me Jesus

Thank you!



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