Spotlight: Mark Hutchinson

Tom Chevis 16 Mar 21

Spotlight is the Music Network's regular podcast with someone involved in music in their working life. Dr Mark Hutchinson is an academic, lecturer, and piano accompanist at the University of York, where he is course leader for the MA in Piano Studies, gives performance coaching, and teaches an undergraduate course called "Approaching the Contemporary: Western art music after 1980". In this podcast recorded over Zoom in March 2021, Music Network co-ordinator Tom Chevis interviews Mark about his work, especially his interest in contemporary music, and how being a Christian affects (1) how he interacts with the world of 'new music' and (2) how he teaches. You can see his academic profile on the University of York's website here.

In the podcast Mark mentions five pieces which he recommends as good starting points for exploring new music. He has kindly provided links of what he considers good performances of these:

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