Settling in to Denmark: a mixed beginning

Sarah Owens 18 Aug 18

A new country, new language, new home, new course and new friends. It’s all very new and different. But what’s the one thing that always stays the same? God. He is my rock and my refuge and it’s in him that I can trust - always. At least I know that, but the first few days and weeks are always the hardest.

Having lived in Yorkshire the majority of my life, I then settled in London for 4 years which was briefly interrupted by an Erasmus exchange in Hungary. Through this I’ve experienced both extended home comforts and the joy of knowing lots of people around you and the sudden changes that occur moving from one home to another. I’m pretty sure God was sending me to Denmark. I’ve yet to find out why, but I intend to make the most of it. Upon arrival I was looking forward to meeting my flatmates and course mates, getting stuck into a new church and being open with people about my faith. I’m still optimistic, but with the different universities starting at varying times the student church service was cancelled last week and my flatmates appear to be hermits so I haven’t met or socialised with them as much as I’d anticipated. However, God has greatly blessed me with other international students, including a few Brits, to get alongside at my music college and I’ve very much enjoyed getting to know them!

It’s take two on church try-outs this week so hopefully I’ll have better luck this time!

My main prayer points are:

  1. To find a good church and some fellow Christians.

  2. To meet and get to know flatmates (there are 12 of us, so far I’ve briefly met 4), hopefully leading to gospel-centred conversations.

  3. To maintain a positive outlook, always working for God’s glory both in studies and socialising.

Thank you!

P.S. If you have any encouraging passages or words, I will always appreciate them being sent my way!

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