Explore Arts, Science, Music, Politics or Theology with Relay Leadership Network elective

Nay Dawson 31 Jan 19

Mission and discipleship training in a CU context

Relay is a year of mission, discipleship and training for graduates who love CUs. It is a unique opportunity to work on the front line of Student Mission with Christian Unions while being invested in by UCCF Staff Workers, receiving fantastic training and seeing how the grace of the gospel impacts all areas of life. 

Relay Leadership Network Electives gather like-minded Relay Workers to focus on what it means to love Jesus in the arts, music, politics, theology and science. This includes time to work on their own projects and receive criticism from others, plus the chance to minister to students from their specific disciplines.

Relay Science Elective will help you explore the rich implications of the Christian worldview for science and help you discover new motivations. With input from John Wyatt, Ruth Bancewicz and Peter May this elective will give you confidence to respond publicly and personally to the common objections that Christian scientists face.

Relay Arts Elective gathers like-minded Relay Workers to focus on what it means to love Jesus as someone involved in the arts. Throughout the year you'll get a chance to work on your own projects and be mentored by artists Ally Gordon and David McCulloch, co-founders of Morphē (a charity that supports Christian arts graduates), alongside the UCCF Arts Staff Workers.

Relay Music Elective gathers like-minded Relay Workers to focus on what it means to love Christ in the worlds of classical and jazz music. This includes time to maintain their own practice, as well as work on musical projects, plus the chance to minister to students from music colleges and faculties.

Relay Theology Elective seeks to advance the gifts of academic theologians who are on the Relay programme and to help them establish their gifts outside of the ivory tower, whilst still furthering their study. This elective will involve developing evangelistic material directly aimed specifically at undergraduate theology students. 

Relay Politics Elective aims to resource you to apply the Bible and a Christian Worldview to the world of Politics and Government. Whether your background is in policy work or as an avid grassroots campaigner, you will have the opportunity to engage with some of the key thinkers and practitioners from the UK and around the world. This will support you as you encourage students to stand for Christ in the challenges of the contemporary public arena. 

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