Aarhus verse & prayer

Sarah Owens 26 Feb 20

February 11th -

Today marks 18 months of living in Denmark. 

Rumour has it that Spring is on its way.

Unique opportunities and many people surround me,

Searching my heart and encouraging me to pray,

Touching my life in more ways than I see.

Hope lies in the God who created us so well,

In loving my neighbour and following Him through

Many challenges that present themselves, tempting toward hell.

I want to do good, share my faith every day,

No longer a sheep lost out of my way.

Every person is precious yet,

Viciously captured by sin.

Even those who seem set,

Really by themselves cannot win.

Yearning for truth,

This is our God-given task,

Helping others understand

In which place they do stand.

Not one of us worthy, shows the beauty of it all,

God gave us His Son, so that we would not fall.

Please pray:

  • Praise God in gratefulness for loyal friends who encourage me and stay in contact from the UK.
  • Praise God for a wonderful church, where each time I return I feel at home.
  • Pray for open hearts in those around me and that I would persevere with personal evangelism.
  • Pray for my masters project, which is due in April, and still needs an awful lot of work.
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance in future plans - I'm grateful for work opportunities beginning to present themselves in Denmark, but unsure about other practicalities, particularly with potential Brexit complications.

Thank you!


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