A future in Denmark

Sarah Owens 15 Sep 20

God's guidance

Moving to Denmark to study 2 years ago felt like I was following God’s guidance to pursue my desire to travel and develop my gift of trumpet playing. Now it seems like the Lord is continuing to open up opportunities here, with good connections and foundations to build upon. With a place on the soloists programme at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, I’m now effectively a freelancer with student status, preparing for a solo concert every 6 months and auditions when they arise! I’ve recently taken on the role of international networker at my church, where our growing international community was one of the most encouraging things I became involved in when I moved to Aarhus. I hope to be able to welcome people to our church and the city so that they feel loved and seen in a foreign land.

The nudge

I remember a few years ago sitting in a tent at Word Alive listening a talk on the Music Network track. The speaker listed some possible ways that God might use us as musicians to bring other people to Him, one of which went something like “maybe you audition and get a job in an orchestra in some unknown town in Slovakia, where there aren’t many Christians and God just needs you there to be a light in that workplace.” I haven’t quite ended up in an unknown town in Slovakia, but that encouragement was the nudge I needed to start this journey, and it keeps my mind open to new options whenever I come to a crossroad. I can see myself as someone God might choose to use in that scenario.

Your prayers

Because of the uncertainty of freelancing, I would appreciate continued prayers for my future and finances. Please also pray for the church international community, that God would lead people to us and that we could be a blessing to them through fellowship and the joy of sharing God’s word together.

My thanks

A heartfelt thank you for journeying with me in this season, and for all your prayers along the way. The Lord has truly been faithful.


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