Starting a creative arts subject this September?

Lois Adams 17 Aug 20

Join us at the Arts Network Freshers’ Zoom as we consider how we can be living and speaking for Jesus day by day in our university creative faculties or arts colleges. We’ll aim to connect up what we hear on a Sunday morning with the Monday to Friday routine at the studio, peer crits, making and in critical thinking. Let’s explore how to effectively reach our friends and coursemates with the gospel in creative ways. Whether you’ll be studying fine arts, design, art history to a practical subject, if you want to think more about glorifying God in your academic studies this event is for you.

You’ll get the opportunity to connect up with other freshers studying your subject, hear some teaching on how to live for Jesus in the world of the creative arts, and ask questions to current and former students about their experience of living as a Christian on a creative arts course. You’ll also get to hear more about how the Arts Network can support you throughout your time at uni, and be first to hear about some exciting events coming up this term!

Video of the event will be uploaded soon.

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