Forum 2020

Lois Adams 20 Mar 20

Forum exists to equip the Christian Union to passionately reach students with the good news of Jesus and to fan into flame the love we have for our God.

Arts Network exists to train artistic and creative students to live and speak for Jesus in their uniquely creative contexts. 

Forum 2020 is from Monday 24 to Friday 28 August at Quinta Christian Centre, Oswestry. For more information about Forum please visit the UCCF Forum webpage.

Let me tell you about the Arts Network activities at Forum, and why every creative student should come!!

1.    Amazing Bible teaching by Matt Waldock and worship with many other students. For more speaker’s info please visit 2.    Luncheon & Dinners for specific creative subjects lead by a professional. This year we have lunch for illustrators, writers and lastly students in the film industry. It’s an opportunity to eat together and informally discuss the challenges and the opportunities of being a Christian in those specific fields. 3.    Arts Network Seminar Track. We have 3 speakers coming to speak on the creative mandate, scripture and art, rich with personal experience. One confirmed speaker is Luke Walton, producer and director of ‘The Pitch’.  4.    Arts & Music Network dinner. The two networks have so much in common; let’s build new friendships and encourage one another informally.

Be part of the Forum experience!

Here are two ways you can be involved art-wise. 


1. Arts Network Exhibition

Arts Network Art Exhibition

Submit your work to the Arts Network Exhibition at Forum.  We are interested in work from animators, illustrators, filmmakers, video art, gaming art, theatre art and performers. We are planning to get several walls and screens where the work can be shown around the Studio. 

To get more information or to submit you work please click on this link to fill in the google application form: (


2. Human & Technology Event

Human & Tech Event

We are interested in collecting and showing artwork and interactive work on the themes of Human and Technology. Any students whose artwork explores one of these two themes are welcome to submit their work. The work will be shown in a one-off event at Forum held in conjunction with the Science Network and the Arts Network. 

For more information or application form please click here; (


We would love to have you with us. 

Please book your space at

(Arts Network provided some financial help to students who are struggling. Please let your Staff Worker know if you need any help in this area.)

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