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"We are here to support arts students to explore issues of the Christian faith in the Creative Arts and culture."

Postmodernism, cynicism and liberalism are now dominant in the arts and therefore in our culture too. It is worrying that this makes it difficult for a Christian worldview to be heard, much less to be taken seriously.  It’s concerning that there are few Christians in the creative arts to show a different way of thinking.

As a Christian artist or designer, do you feel lonely in your art campus?  Are you struggling to think how your art and creativity can glorify God?

The UCCF Arts Network exists to support Christian students in the arts, equipping them to engage with our culture and be a witness for Jesus in the creative worlds. We are here to support and encourage Christians who are in these creative circles.

The four aims of the Arts Network is: 
We want every Christian creative students to...

1. Biblical Understanding:
To understand the creative arts and their gift in light of the Biblical Worldview, living this out with joy, glorifying God in pursuing excellence in their craft.

2. Engage:
Confident in the Lordship of Christ they are equipped to anayse and encourage to engage in the art world and its concepts, proactively investing in our culture.

3. Share:
To grow in sharing Jesus authentically with creativity in the Arts.

4. Network: 
To be a diverse community that encouraged and sharpens one another in faith and practice.